5779 Radical Jewish Calendar

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The 5779 Radical Jewish Calendar will be distributed by Buy Olympia this year, you cannot purchase a Radical Jewish Calendar on this site.

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Radical Jewish Calendar 5779. Organized by Jewish month, layering Jewish and Gregorian dates, astrological happenings, holidays, and political history.

13 months (it’s a Jewish leap year!) of political art, culture, and history made by dreamers, artists, and organizers who want to know what time it is.

This project, in their 3rd year, was dreamed up by some Jews who were tired of using calendars with advertisements for cemeteries as their only reference for Jewish holy days. This is a collaborative effort between friends and many contributors.

All proceeds will go to artists and design contributors, which include farmers, rabbis, candle makers, facilitators, radio hosts, bodyworkers, rock stars, carpenters, Kohenet priestesses, organizers, and more.

This calendar is a celebration of Jewish culture that is intersectional, queer, feminist, anti-racist, and that challenges and builds a Judaism and Jewishness beyond Zionism. Because you’ve always wanted to find out when Ta’anit Esther and the anniversary of the BDS Call are, all in the same place.

Printed in the Pacific Northwest by union-labor.